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Group Benefits Eligibility

Eligibility Rules: who qualifies and when?

To be eligible, a plan member must:

Coverage begins the first day of the month following the date of the approval. Premiums become payable on the first of the month coincident with or next following the effective date. For example, if the plan member's coverage is effective February 10, premiums for the new coverage start on March 1. If the plan member's coverage was effective February 1, then both the eligibility date and premium payments would begin on February 1.

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Eligibility Medical Evidence Requirements

Groups with fewer than 4 employees or less:

Groups with 5 employees or greater:

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Additional Provisions

A plan member may cover only one spouse at a time:

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Eligibility of Dependent Children

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Over-Age Dependent Children - Student

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Survivor Benefits

The plan allows for the Spouse and Dependents already covered to maintain the protection after the death of the plan member. This coverage will be continued without payment of premium but terminates on the earliest of the following circumstances:

Note: Request for Survivorship should be indicated at the time the death claim is submitted to Morneau Shepell at

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