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Applying for Coverage

CSAE Members and Their Employees

The applicant must complete the appropriate application for group coverage in order to enroll in benefits offered under the CSAE group benefit plan.

1. Applicant completes all relevant sections of the Application for Insurance.

2. a) Small Groups 1-4

Existing small groups can send the original application along with any supporting documents to Morneau Shepell to the following or fax to 1-877-494-0109.

2 b) Large Groups 5+

CSAE clients should retain the original copy of enrolment forms for the beneficiary information. Send a copy of enrolment form to the following or fax to 1-877-494-0109.

3. Be sure to include a blank cheque marked "VOID" if you will be paying by pre-authorized bank withdrawals along with a PAD Agreement form.

4. Both Small Group applicants and Large Group late applicants, seeking additional Optional Life or coverage beyond Life, LTD non evidence maximum may receive a letter advising you of Industrial Alliance's decision (approval or declination) or of any additional requirements.

5. Once approved, the new coverage will be added to your premium statement by Morneau Shepell and a confirmation of insurance and its provisions will be provided.

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