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Health & Dental

The Health & Dental program is offered through Morneau Shepell and Green Shield Canada who are leaders in the field of group insurance and related services. And it’s specially designed for members, their employees and families!


Flexible plan designs ...

This Health plan has been designed to begin where your provincial health care plan ends. Your provincial plan provides basic benefits but as the cost of drugs and other medical expenses continues to rise, the government plans are limiting the amount of expenses they cover. This plan will cover much of your additional medical expenses.
Comprehensive Health Insurance is an important part of any benefits package. Participating groups are able to provide their Plan Members with quality Health Insurance with flexible plan designs.

Available features of the program include:

Health Insurance Rates...

Rates for Health Insurance will vary based on the amount of coverage provided and any cost sharing features that are introduced. The program allows for a variety of combinations of benefit levels, deductibles, dispensing fee or coinsurance levels in order to meet the needs of each group depending on the size of your organization.

The flexibility of the program in combination with the volume-purchasing arrangement creates Health Insurance rates that are affordable for any size group.

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DENTAL SERVICES (Optional with Extended Health Care)

Dental benefits are one of the most desired and valued benefits available to Plan Members.

The program offers dental care based on a 'building block' approach:

Dental Insurance Rates

Plans can be designed with various deductibles or levels of coinsurance. Annual maximums can also be placed on different coverage levels.

Groups can design a plan to include:

Each plan design feature will create different pricing options for each member group. The program allows for high quality dental coverage at an affordable cost.

Survivor Benefit

In the event of your death while insured for these benefits, your spouse and/or dependent children will remain insured for health/dental coverage for up to 2 years from the date of your death.

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